If you have suffered an injury at work, you are entitled to make a claim for workers compensation benefits. The entitlement to make a claim for workers compensation benefits arises if employment is a substantial contributing factor to the injury.

The statutory entitlements generally available under a workers compensation claim are as follows:

  1. Lump sum payment if the impairment assessment is at least 11%.
  2. Weekly payments of compensation for periods of incapacity
  3. Medical expenses for treatment incurred as a result of the injury

If your injury was caused by the fault of your employer and your injury is assessed as at least 15% WPI, then you may be entitled make a work injury damages claim. Unlike the workers compensation claim which is a no fault scheme, you must establish that the negligence of your employer was responsible for your injuries to be successful in a work injury damages claim.

The entitlements available under a work injury damages claim are as follows:

  1. Past and Future Economic Loss including loss of superannuation

In preparing your workers compensation claim, an assessment will be made if a work injury damages viable if your injury is assesses above the required threshold and negligence can be established against your employer.

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