At Gajic Lawyers, we believe people are the greatest asset with the highest potential to grow both themselves and the organisation. In recognition of this, the culture at Gajic Lawyers focuses on:
  • A clear understanding of the firm’s vision and goals
  • A strong, positive relationship with co-workers
  • Opportunity to develop and use skills and abilities
  • A positive and constructive work environment
  • Meaningfulness of work tasks and projects
  • Reward for completing and exceeding expectations
To ensure that these Core concepts are understood and aligned with, the following are in place:
  1. Focus on staff training
    We place great value on staff and their continual development which not only benefits the staff, but allows them to understand and incorporate this knowledge into day to day functions. This constant knowledge refines existing processes and enables ease of introducing and adopting innovative processes to start the cycle of constant improvement for the firm and the staff.
  2. Continual Legal Education
    The firm invests in their staff to ensure they are kept up to date on legal developments in the field. While Continual Legal Education, while required by solicitors to maintain their practicing certificates, at Gajic Lawyers, non-solicitors are highly encouraged to adopt this mindset as well. Continual knowledge growth is key to ensuring delivery of strong quality services to our clients. Solicitor practicing certificates are also funded by the firm to demonstrate the value placed on their knowledge and contribution towards the firm and its clients.
  3. EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
    In any fast paced workplace, employee mental health and wellbeing is vital to the success of that person and the firm itself.
    Recognising and acting on addressing these issues means staff longevity and overall health are being looked after.
    EAP takes the form of  confidential counselling and support service to help employees deal with personal or work related problems in a positive way and move forward towards a better and healthier outcome both mentally, physically and both inside and outside of work.
  4. Innovative and Interactive HR Platform
    Our online HR platform not only offers the standard functions for performance reviews, leave application and access to your personal records, it also provides other avenues of interests such as discounted online shopping, tips and tricks on managing finances, articles and guides on managing your personal health and well-being and many more with new content constantly being uploaded.
  5. Flexible Work Environment
    We value staff commitment to their family and work and to that end, we offer both work from home arrangements AND flexible work hours. This allows staff to commit to both work and family needs. This capability varies per staff and operation needs but ensures the opportunity to balance the best of both.
  6. Health Day
    We understand the stressors within a fast paced environment affects overall performance and with paid leave being such crucial time off, the Health Day serves to boost this benefit further, greatly rejuvenating staff both mentally and physically. This ensures staff are not burnt out and promotes a positive and fresh mentality.
  7. Gym Membership
    We recognise the need to maintain a healthy work life balance and encourage active lifestyles through discounted gym memberships.
  8. Firm Functions and Events
    We recognise hard work performed throughout the year and like to celebrate the wins and milestones achieved throughout the year by all staff. In addition to End of Financial Year events, Melbourne Cup Days and End of year events, we hold ad hoc staff drinks to bond and catch up with great food and better company.
  9. Employee of the Quarter (EOQ)
    Recognition of teamwork, accomplishments and contribution is highly recognised within the firm to not only show it is not missed but greatly appreciated by everyone. Staff are given an opportunity to demonstrate their appreciation for each other by nominating others to receive a reward of their choosing and as a way of saying thank you.
Why Choose Gajic Lawyers

Our comprehensive understanding of compensation law across Australia, means that we’re able to complete your compensation matter regardless which state you reside in.

cost effective

We’re a technology-driven law firm. We’re environmentally friendly – with the exception of original signed documents, we are completely paperless.

Regardless of where you reside in Australia, we can help you claim more compensation, more quickly.

At Gajic, we’re a technology-driven law firm. Our technology ensures that your compensation matter is processed in the most effective and efficient manner. We learned a long time ago that relying solely on lawyers to progress legal matters simply does not meet the expectation of clients.

cost effective Law Firms

Lawyers cost money, so the less you see them is a good thing. At Gajic, we’ve literally handled thousands of compensation claims, from the most simple to the most complex. We’ve got proven processes and technology to fast-track your compensation without burning money with legal appointments just for the sake of them. That’s not to say you won’t be kept up to speed, you will and if you like, we’re always available.


At Gajic Lawyers, we minimise the risk of you losing your compensation claim by only taking on those claims that we think will be successful. We do this on a No Win No Fee basis.

We also offer a free, no-obligation case assessment.