As we all know in life, there are good times and bad.

A psychological injury in the workplace can be serious and harmful, which can prevent you from doing your full duties or being able to work at all.

Data from NSW icare showed that the average cost of psychological injury claims providing weekly payments to the injured party, between the years 2013-17, was twice as high for comparable physical injury claims. We recognize this as a growing problem in the workplace and injured workers need help.

Psychological harm can be caused by bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, victimization, being provided by onerous extra responsibilities, micromanagement, or demotion or unfair termination without just cause.

So what is required to prove your psychological injury was caused by your work? if you believe you’ve sustained such an injury, speaking with experienced personal injury specialists such as Gajic Lawyers is your first step

What is required to make a psychological injury claim?

You are entitled to claim Workers Compensation if you are diagnosed with a psychological injury which was caused or related to incidents in your workplace.

Common symptoms of a psychological illness may include being physically and emotionally vulnerable, suffering from emotional breakdown, disturbed sleep, experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, fear and avoidance in the workplace or outside your home, changes in your mood and your behavior with your family or friends.

You must attend and be examined by a psychologist and/or psychiatrist who has the training and expertise to diagnose your psychological condition and provide reasons on how your injury has affected your ability to work and function.

Psychological specialists may use testing, reports from your General Practitioner and other records to determine the extent of your injury.

Workers’ compensation may include weekly payments for your incapacity to work and reasonable medical expenses for treatment.

In NSW, you are also entitled to claim a one-off lump sum compensation. To obtain this, you must be assessed by an accredited psychiatrist and are required to attained a 15% whole person impairment. You should consult our workers compensation experts to see how you can be assessed for whole person impairment.

As assessment of whole person impairment is also used to determine how long you may receive weekly payments as a result of sustaining a work-related psychological injury.

The importance of good legal advice

Experiencing psychological distress in the workplace and making a claim for such an injury is difficult and complex.

You will be facing your employment and trying to cope with the demands of workers compensation requirements which may become too great for people in a vulnerable state.

Gajic Lawyers have legal specialists in workers compensation and psychiatric injury who are ready to assist you.

If you have questions or concerns about a possible work-related psychological injury, contact us Compensation lawyers NSW today for an initial case assessment.